SurgiCare Surgical Associates of Freehold, LLC  
Surgicare of Freehold

SurgiCare of Freehold, LLC
Located at: 901 West Main Street
Suite 302
Freehold NJ, 07728-2537

Director of Nursing, Joanne Gorrie, RN, CNOR
Medical Director, Sterling Wood, MD


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  A new 12,000 square foot, 4 operating room facility. This Facility is a joint venture with Centra State Hospital. We have 44 members listed below.  
  Participating Physicians  
Orthopedics   Pain
Harry Bade, MD
Joseph Bogdan, MD
Richard Borgatti, MD
Keneth Chern, MD
Jason Cohen, MD
Anthony Costa, MD

Haralambos Demetriades, MD
Ramond Esquieres, MD

Joel Fechisin, MD
Greg Foos, MD
Steven Friedel, MD

Glen Gabisan, MD
David Gentile, MD
Mark Gesell, MD
Aron Green, MD
Paul Haynes, MD
Nader Helbela, MD
Christopher Johnson, MD
Brian Katt, MD
Steven Lisser, MD
Arthur Mark, MD
Joseph Marsicano, MD
Kevin McDaid, MD
Adam Meyers, MD
Roy Mittman, MD
Daniel Mulholand, MD
Hoan-Vu Nguyen, MD
Jason Nitche, MD
Keth Rinkus, MD
David Rodricks, MD
Michael Romello, MD
Christopher Spagnuola, MD
Bruce Stamos, MD
Sunil Thacker, MD
Brian Torpey, MD
Jeffrey Van Gelderen, MD
Arthur Vasen, MD
Harris Bram, MD
Charles Cresanti Daknis, MD
Anil Sharma, MD
Plastic Surgery
Christopher Godek, MD
Michael Nagy, MD
Breast Surgery
John Pellegrino, MD

Contact Joe Tarsia, Chief Development Officer at 914-826-5792 or for further information.
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